THE ARCTIC CAMELS tells the story of Svalin and Torarin, two siblings living in Akkarfjord on the South Island, about as far north as it is possible to get in Norway. When they want a horse for riding, their parents buy  two Mongolian camels.  Now they dream of having camel babies and riding on camels. It's just that camels are very large and heavy, and only trained camels can be used for riding. Therefore, the family of Svalin and Torarin will  travel to Mongolia to find a professional camel trainer who will be returning to Akkarfjord to train their Camels.

Deep into the gobi desert of Mongolia they find a candidate who accepts the invitation to train the camels in the far north of Norway. But Torarin and his family are not quite prepared for Mongolian training methods.

This documentary tells the story of the northernmost camels in the world. The story is told through the eyes and mind of Torarin who is 8 years old when filming starts, and 11 by the end. 

Project: The Arctic Camels
Genre: Documentary/ Family / Adventure
Length: 75 min / 3x 25min
Target Groups: Kids 6-12 years  and Families
Status: Postproduction
Director: Karl Emil Rikardsen
Producers:  Knut Skoglund, Anna Björk, Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Karl Emil Rikardsen.
Coproducers: Toolbox Film (Denmark), Giraff Film (Sweden).
Cinema Distributor Norway: Tour de Force

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